Hi There!

I'm Jackie! the photographer behind JSP. Here's a little information about myself. I’m a full service photographer specializing in Family and Newborn Photography based in the Odessa/Midland/Lubbock and greater West Texas area.

I'm a big fan of yoga pants minus the yoga, coke floats, college football and of course, sunny days. I'm addicted to Netflix- I said it. I have watched more series than I can count with my hands, whoops! I married my high school sweetheart & we have 2 awesome kids and two adorable pups together. Aside from Netflix, we love to get out and explore the outdoors! camping is our kind of weekend fun. 

This all probably explains my very relaxed photography style. I like to have fun and just go with the flow! I know the idea of taking pictures can be daunting, (Trust me, i've been there, done that) but i'll do my best to make it an easy and fun experience for everyone involved, promise!  


Enough about me! I look forward to hearing about you!

Take a peak at our personal life through my Instagram below- let's connect!